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 Cove Penguin Rules

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PostSubject: Cove Penguin Rules   Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:16 pm

1. No Spamming - Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. The sentence itself is self explanatory, so please do not "spam" or post pointless posts/topics on any forum.

2. No hacking discussion - Hackers are losers. Just kidding, but hacking is illegal, and we don't want to get sued. Okay?

3. No advertising - You are not allowed to advertise any link on the forums. The only exceptions is if given permission to by an Admin, advertising Cove Penguins, or putting a link in your signature. You may advertise in the Advertising section, but 1 site per user.

4. No Foul Language - This forum is targeted for kids. Bad language will just teach the younger generations bad things.

5. No double posting - You are not allowed to double post. The only exception is if you need somebody's attention.

6. No adult content - As rule 4, this forum is about Club Penguin, a game targeted for kids. Adult content is inappropriate for kids and young teens.

7. Treat everyone with respect - No trolling, or picking on somebody. Everybody is created equal.

8. Do not share Club Penguin Passwords or codes - You could share passwords/codes only if given permission to by an Admin.

9. Post readable messages (Nothing small, or weird colors) - coughcough Yellow coughcough. For spoilers, use the spoiler tag.

10. Use real grammar - This isn't aim. No leet (1337) speak like: z0mg h4x

11. Create one personal account - If you are banned, and need to contact us, click the "Contact" button on the bottom of the page!

12. No threads for one person - Use the private messages instead.

13. Do not post on old posts - It is called bumping, or "Bring Up My Post." "Bumping" will clutter up forums.

Good luck on posting!


The current admins are:
1. Flash
2. AxemBlade-X
3. Demetri

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Cove Penguin Rules
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